Sunday, January 6, 2013

so long 2012.

Some highlights:
  • meeting David and all of the things I've learned from having him in my life
  • having an artist I respect (and who is kind of a big deal) look at my work and tell me that it was breathtaking/ that I have what it takes/ that I could get into some crazy good schools
  • getting Max
  • discovering Downton Abbey (you know it!)
  • 3 (!) trips to Yellowstone that were all totally different but all awesome :)
  • a trip to Disneyland
  • working at AC for the short time that I did and meeting some crazy cool people there
  • seeing beautiful Angela get married
  • moving to Seattle for one whirlwind of a month
  • taking an epic road trip (solo) from Seattle to Provo to Meeker to Midland to San Antonio to New Orleans to North Carolina and getting to visit with some of my favorite people in the world in each place
  • having one of the best spiritual experiences of my life/ learning to trust my Heavenly Father and rediscovering hope 
  • making friends with some incredible people that I know Heavenly Father wanted me to meet
  • being able to spend a few months with my family
  • going to the temple!
  • the best (and most interesting) New Year's Eve I've had

It's been a crazy, looong, and in some major ways a heartbreaking year. But even so, it's been pretty great too :) I've learned SO MUCH. Most importantly how to start trusting my Heavenly Father and how to use the atonement to forgive myself and let myself be healed. Also, cutting myself some slack and being okay with being a work in progress.

To focus on in 2013:

read more
smile more
listen more
take more pictures
more organization
more service
more focus and intention
more appreciation

less sleep
less complaining/criticism
less purposeless/empty media
less worrying

Some goals for 2013:

apply to the art education program
make "a definite decision as to specialization"
commit to something meaningful 

I have no idea what 2013 has in store for me and I have no real plans. But I am genuinely excited :) I feel at peace about things. I'm sure there will be some lows and I'll get sad and impatient and break down every once in awhile, but I very much want to be happy and healthy and enjoy my life and be the best person I can be. I want this to be the best year yet no matter what :)